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All about geolocalization

Each server is identified by an IP address. The IP addresses are different for each country, thus it is possible to locate the country of an Internet server.

Search engines use this technique (among others, of course) to rank websites according to the chosen language. In this way, a French Internet site located in France is more likely to be properly classified than a French Internet site located in Germany or the United States for example.

OVH now allows you to choose the geolocation of your domain names among the various countries where our subsidiaries are located. You can also use this option with multi-domains.

Finally, if you want to purchase a dedicated server, you can select a foreign network with the same quality service as our main network and you can benefit from optimized connectivity with certain operators in the country chosen.

For more information and to see the offers that include this free service, visit this page for dedicated servers or this page for the shared webhosting. You can also find out there about the countries available.